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序号 论文(专著)名称类别 期刊(出版社)名称 卷、期、页 作者 类别 收录类别
2 Application of SPR detector for flow analysis system Zhejiang Daxue Xuebao(Gongxue Ban) 45,8 陈惠滨, 王晓萍, 吴宏伟, 朱岩, 郦雅平 国内重要刊物 EI收录
3 Sub-space compensation model for accurate colorimetric characterization of liquid crystal displays Guangxue Xuebao/Acta Optica Sinica 31,4 宫睿,徐海松,张显斗,M. R. Luo 国内重要刊物 EI收录
4 Statistical characterization on refractive-index fluctuations of one-dimensional light propagating medium Guangxue Xuebao/Acta Optica Sinica 31,3 陶渊浩,丁志华,符建,杨柳 国内重要刊物 EI收录
5 Single mode lasing in coupled nanowires Applied Physics Letters 99,2 肖尧,孟超,Wu Xiaoqin,童利民 国外刊物 EI收录
6 PET reconstruction based on structure prior using content-adaptive point clouds Jisuanji Fuzhu Sheji Yu Tuxingxue Xuebao/Journal of Computer-Aided Design and Computer Graphics 23,8 刘华锋,徐晶佳,高飞,岳茂雄 国内重要刊物 EI收录
7 Parallel lensless optical correlator based on two phase-only spatial light modulators Optics Express 19,13 曾旭,Inoue Takashi,Fukuchi Norihiro,白剑 国外刊物 EI收录
8 Optimization on scanning pattern realized by asymmetry fiber cantilever driven by single piezo bender actuator Zhongguo Jiguang/Chinese Journal of Lasers 38,4 黄良敏,丁志华,吴彤 国内重要刊物 EI收录
9 Optimization of 0/π phase plate in stimulated emission depletion microscopy Guangxue Xuebao/Acta Optica Sinica 31,3 郝翔,匡翠方,王婷婷,刘旭 国内重要刊物 EI收录
10 Numerical simulation and analysis for gain guiding effect in master oscillator power amplifier lasers Zhongguo Jiguang/Chinese Journal of Lasers 38,5 项震,汪丹,李通,潘孙强,董延涛,赵智刚,葛剑虹,刘崇,冯爱民,毛谦敏 国内重要刊物 EI收录
11 Mosaic algorithm for images of defects on surface of large fine optics Zhejiang Daxue Xuebao (Gongxue Ban)/Journal of Zhejiang University (Engineering Science) 45,2 肖冰,杨甬英,高鑫,刘东,王道档,卓永模 国内重要刊物 EI收录
12 Laser collimation method based on differential compensating beam drift Guangdianzi Jiguang/Journal of Optoelectronics Laser 22,4 匡翠方,郝翔,王婷婷 国内重要刊物 EI收录
13 Investigation on characteristics of large aperture tapered fiber phase conjugation mirror for kHz high energy MOPA laser system Zhongguo Jiguang/Chinese Journal of Lasers 38,4 赵智刚,董延涛,潘孙强,葛剑虹,刘崇,陈军,童立新,崔玲玲,Gao Qingsong,Tang Chun 国内重要刊物 EI收录
14 Investigation of color discrimination threshold characteristics under different chromatic backgrounds Guangxue Xuebao/Acta Optica Sinica 31,1 曾旺,徐海松,汪哲弘,M. R. Luo 国内重要刊物 EI收录
15 Investigation of chromatic contrast sensitivity based on different color directions and spatial frequencies Guangxue Xuebao/Acta Optica Sinica 31,1 吕玮阁,徐海松,汪哲弘,M. R. Luo 国内重要刊物 EI收录
16 Intensity-modulated surface plasmon resonance array sensor based on polarization control Guangxue Xuebao/Acta Optica Sinica 31,3 孙博书,黄子昊,王晓萍,刘玉玲,刘旭 国内重要刊物 EI收录
17 Image reconstruction in dioptric media for spectral domain optical coherence tomography Zhongguo Jiguang/Chinese Journal of Lasers 38,5 杨柳,王川,丁志华,洪威,黄良敏 国内重要刊物 EI收录
18 Image displacement measurement using double phase-encoding joint transform correlator Guangxue Xuebao/Acta Optica Sinica 31,7 戴朝约,李奇,冯华君,徐之海 国内重要刊物 EI收录
19 Highly sensitive fiber-optic vibration sensor based on frequency-locking of a FBG Fabry-Perot cavity Guangxue Xuebao/Acta Optica Sinica 31,4 张乐,吴波,叶雯,沈永行 国内重要刊物 EI收录
20 Freeform-surface design of off-axis illumination in projection lithography Guangxue Xuebao/Acta Optica Sinica 31,3 邢莎莎,吴仍茂,李海峰,郑臻荣,刘旭 国内重要刊物 EI收录
21 Fourier-domain-mode locking swept laser source Guangxue Xuebao/Acta Optica Sinica 31,6 陈明惠,丁志华,吴彤,王川,洪威 国内重要刊物 EI收录
22 Development of broad-band high-speed linearized swept laser source Zhongguo Jiguang/Chinese Journal of Lasers 38,2 陈明惠,丁志华,陶渊浩,吴彤 国内重要刊物 EI收录
23 Calibration of oblique-reflection aberration in point-diffraction interferometer for high-precision spherical surface testing Guangxue Xuebao/Acta Optica Sinica 31,6 王道档,杨甬英,陈琛,卓永模 国内重要刊物 EI收录
24 Anti-ultraviolet radiation of antireflection coatings for display plastics Guangxue Xuebao/Acta Optica Sinica 31,2 武江,沈伟东,袁文佳,章岳光,顾培夫 国内重要刊物 EI收录
25 All fiberized linearly polarized pulsed Yb fiber laser with high repetition rate Guangxue Xuebao/Acta Optica Sinica 31,1 熊慧萍,陈滔,沈永行,刘伟 国内重要刊物 EI收录
26 A novel swept laser source based on combined tunable filters for oct Journal of Innovative Optical Health Sciences 4,1 陈明惠,丁志华,王玲,吴彤,陶渊浩 国外刊物 EI收录
27 Highly-sensitive silicon-on-insulator sensor based on two cascaded micro-ring resonators with vernier effect Optics Communications 金磊,李明宇,何建军 国外刊物 SCI收录
28 Design Analysis and Experimental Verification of Cross-Order AWG Triplexer Based on Silica-on-Silicon IEEE J. Lightwave Technol. 29,9 林旭峰,郎婷婷,何建军 国外刊物 SCI收录
29 Optical waveguide double-ring sensor using intensity interrogation with low-cost broadband source Optics Letters, 36,7 金磊,李明宇,何建军 国外刊物 SCI收录
30 基于光程编码与相干合成的三维超分辨术 物理学报 60,12 商在明, 丁志华*, 王玲, 刘勇 国内重要刊物 SCI收录
31 Higher order cross-correlation based Doppler optical coherence tomography Optics Letters 36,22 Liangmin Huang, Zhihua Ding*, Wei Hong, Chuan Wang, Tong Wu 国外刊物 SCI收录
32 Full-range swept source optical coherence tomography based on carrier frequency by transmissive dispersive optical delay line Journal of Biomedical optics 16,12 Tong Wu, Zhihua Ding*, Chuan Wang, Minghui Chen 国外刊物 SCI收录
33 Microsphere based microscope with optical super-resolution capability Applied Physics Letters X. Hao, C. Kuang, X. Liu*, H. Zhang, and Y. Li 国外刊物 SCI收录
34 A method for generating a three-dimensional dark spot using a radially polarized beam Journal of Optics X. Yi, K. Cuifang*, H. Xiang, G. Zhaotai, and L. Xu 国外刊物 SCI收录
35 Subwavelength imaging with materials of in-principle arbitrarily low index contrast New Journal of Physics 马云贵, S. Sahar,C.K. Ong, T. Tyc, and U. Leonhardt 国外刊物 SCI收录
36 Widely wavelength switchable V-coupled-cavity semiconductor laser with 40 dB side-mode suppression ratio_ OPTICS LETTERS 36,21 金嘉亮,王磊,虞婷婷,王寅,何建军 国外刊物 SCI收录
37 Using 915 nm Laser Excited Tm3+/Er3+/Ho3+-Doped NaYbF4 Upconversion Nanoparticles for in Vitro and Deeper in Vivo Bioimaging without Overheating Irradiation ACS NANO 5,5 詹求强,钱骏,Liang HJ,Gabriel Somesfalean,王丹,何赛灵,Zhang ZG,Andersson-Engels S 国外刊物 SCI收录
38 Uniform Polarization-Dispersion Compensation of All Channels in Highly Birefringent Silicon Nanowire-Based Arrayed Waveguide Grating IEEE PHOTONICS TECHNOLOGY LETTERS 23,23 邹骏,郎婷婷,王磊,何建军 国外刊物 SCI收录
39 Ultra-sensitive microfibre absorption detection in a microfluidic chip LAB ON A CHIP 11,21 张磊,王攀,肖尧,虞华康,童利民 国外刊物 SCI收录
40 Tuning color by pore depth of metal-coated porous alumina NANOTECHNOLOGY 22,30 王旭龙琦,张冬仙,章海军,马毅,蒋建中 国外刊物 SCI收录
41 Three-stage Fabry-Perot liquid crystal tunable filter with extended spectral range OPTICS EXPRESS 19,3 郑臻荣,杨国伟,李海峰,刘旭 国外刊物 SCI收录
42 The analysis of colour uniformity for a volumetric display based on a rotating LED array JOURNAL OF OPTICS 13,5 武江,刘旭 国外刊物 SCI收录
43 Subwavelength focusing by a microsphere array JOURNAL OF OPTICS 13,3 王婷婷,匡翠方,郝翔,刘旭 国外刊物 SCI收录
44 Study on design and application of fully automatic miniature surface plasmon resonance concentration analyzer SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL 153,2 詹舒越,王晓萍,Luo Zhaofeng,Zhou Hongmin,陈慧斌,刘玉玲 国外刊物 SCI收录
45 Strong confinement of two-photon excitation field by photonic nanojet with radial polarization illumination OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS 284,19 刘勇,匡翠方,丁志华 国外刊物 SCI收录
46 Spectral-based color separation method for a multi-ink printer CHINESE OPTICS LETTERS 9,6 王彬宇,徐海松,M. R. Luo,郭晋一 国内重要刊物 SCI收录
47 Spectral phase based k-domain interpolation for uniform sampling in swept-source optical coherence tomography OPTICS EXPRESS 19,19 吴彤,丁志华,王玲,陈明惠 国外刊物 SCI收录
48 Spectral characterisation of colour printer based on a novel grey component replacement method CHINESE OPTICS LETTERS 9,7 郭晋一,徐海松,M. R. Luo,王彬宇 国内重要刊物 SCI收录
49 Spatial Bandgap Engineering along Single Alloy Nanowires JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 133,7 谷付星,杨宗银,虞华康,Xu Jinyou,王攀,童利民,Pan Anlian 国外刊物 SCI收录
50 Single-Nanowire Single-Mode Laser NANO LETTERS 11,3 肖尧,孟超,王攀,虞华康,王珊珊,谷付星,童利民 国外刊物 SCI收录
51 Scintillation index and performance analysis of wireless optical links over non-Kolmogorov weak turbulence based on generalized atmospheric spectral model OPTICS EXPRESS 19,20 仓吉,刘旭 国外刊物 SCI收录
52 Reduction of coating induced polarization aberrations by controlling the polarization state variation JOURNAL OF OPTICS 13,5 李旸晖,沈伟东,郑臻荣,章岳光,刘旭,郝翔 国外刊物 SCI收录
53 Quantum-Dot-Doped Polymer Nanofibers for Optical Sensing ADVANCED MATERIALS 23,33 孟超,肖尧,王攀,张磊,刘艳鑫,童利民 国外刊物 SCI收录
54 Preparation and property of super-hydrophilic SiO(2)-TiO(2) nano-particle layer ACTA PHYSICA SINICA 60,9 马海敏,洪亮,尹伊,许坚,叶辉 国外刊物 SCI收录
55 Point diffraction interferometer with adjustable fringe contrast for testing spherical surfaces APPLIED OPTICS 50,16 王道档,杨甬英,陈琛,卓永模 国外刊物 SCI收录
56 Plasmonic resonance of whispering gallery modes in an Au cylinder OPTICS EXPRESS 19,5 张奚宁,马哲,虞华康,郭欣,马耀光,童利民 国外刊物 SCI收录
57 Overcoming the shot-noise limitation of three-dimensional active imaging OPTICS LETTERS 36,8 张秀达,严惠民,周琴 国外刊物 SCI收录
58 Optical tilt sensor with direct intensity-modulated scheme OPTICAL ENGINEERING 50,11 赵双双,张娟,侯昌伦,白剑,杨国光 国外刊物 SCI收录
59 Optical quenching of photoconductivity in CdSe single nanowires via waveguiding excitation OPTICS EXPRESS 19,11 谷付星,王攀,虞华康,郭冰,童利民 国外刊物 SCI收录
60 Optical Properties of BDK-Doped Highly Photosensitive Sol-Gel Hybrid Film CHINESE PHYSICS LETTERS 28,8 许明,沈伟东,章岳光,甄红宇,刘旭 国内重要刊物 SCI收录
61 Omnidirectional multiview three-dimensional display based on direction-selective light-emitting diode array OPTICAL ENGINEERING 50,3 颜才杰,刘旭,柳 迪,解 静,夏新星,李海峰 国外刊物 SCI收录
62 Nonnull interferometer simulation for aspheric testing based on ray tracing APPLIED OPTICS 50,20 田超,杨甬英,韦涛,卓永模 国外刊物 SCI收录
63 Multi-wavelength mode-locked Er/Yb Co-doped fiber laser with square nano-second pulse output LASER PHYSICS 21,10 叶雯,王静,陈滔,沈永行 国外刊物 SCI收录
64 Multifunctional optical imaging using dye-coated gold nanorods in a turbid medium JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL OPTICS 16,1 蔡夫鸿,钱骏,江黎,何赛灵 国外刊物 SCI收录
65 Monitoring of drug and stimulation induced cerebral blood flow velocity changes in rat sensory cortex using spectral domain Doppler optical coherence tomography JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL OPTICS 16,4 王川,杨勇,丁志华,孟婕,王凯,Yang Wenwei,Xu Ying 国外刊物 SCI收录
66 Misalignment aberrations calibration in testing of high-numerical-aperture spherical surfaces APPLIED OPTICS 50,14 王道档,杨甬英,陈琛,卓永模 国外刊物 SCI收录
67 Measurement of the group refractive index of bulk material using white-light spectral interferometry ACTA PHYSICA SINICA 60,1 张淑娜,罗震岳,沈伟东,刘旭,章岳光 国外刊物 SCI收录
68 Maintaining accuracy of cellular Yule-Nielsen spectral Neugebauer models for different ink cartridges using principal component analysis JOURNAL OF THE OPTICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA A-OPTICS IMAGE SCIENCE AND VISION 28,7 王彬宇,徐海松,M. R. Luo,郭晋一 国外刊物 SCI收录
69 Longitudinal Lorentz force on a subwavelength-diameter optical fiber PHYSICAL REVIEW A 83,5 虞华康,方伟,谷付星,仇旻,杨宗银,童利民 国外刊物 SCI收录
70 Large defect-induced sub-bandgap photoresponse in semiconductor nanowires via waveguiding excitation NANOTECHNOLOGY 22,42 谷付星,张磊,虞华康,方伟,Bao JM,童利民 国外刊物 SCI收录
71 Large aperture tapered fiber phase conjugate mirror in MOPA laser systems with high repetition rate and high pulse energy OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS 284,4 刘崇,赵智刚,陈军,童立新,崔玲玲,高清松,唐淳 国外刊物 SCI收录
72 Investigations of range accuracy for long-range three-dimensional active imaging CHINESE OPTICS LETTERS 9,6 张秀达,严惠民,周琴 国内重要刊物 SCI收录
73 Investigation of Ge quantum dots formation on SiO(2) substrate through annealing process ACTA PHYSICA SINICA 60,7 张磊,叶辉,皇甫幼睿,刘旭 国外刊物 SCI收录
74 Influence of incident light polarization on photonic nanojet CHINESE OPTICS LETTERS 9,7 刘勇,王保勇,丁志华 国内重要刊物 SCI收录
75 Increasing surface band gap of Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 thin films by post depositing an In-Ga-Se thin layer OPTICS EXPRESS 19,7 谈晓辉,Ye Sheng-Lin,刘旭 国外刊物 SCI收录
76 Image stabilization with support vector machine JOURNAL OF ZHEJIANG UNIVERSITY-SCIENCE C-COMPUTERS & ELECTRONICS 12,6 董文德,陈跃庭,徐之海,冯华君,李奇 国内重要刊物 SCI收录
77 Image rotation and translation measurement based on double phase-encoded joint transform correlator APPLIED OPTICS 50,27 葛鹏,李奇,冯华君,徐之海 国外刊物 SCI收录
78 Image restoration of hybrid time delay and integration camera system with residual motion OPTICAL ENGINEERING 50,6 郑珍珍,吴家谷,冯华君,徐之海,李奇,陈跃庭 国外刊物 SCI收录
79 Image displacement based on phase-encoded reference joint fractional transform correlator OPTICS AND LASER TECHNOLOGY 43,8 葛鹏,李奇,冯华君,徐之海 国外刊物 SCI收录
80 Growth and properties of highly orientated Sr(0.75)Ba(0.25)Nb(2)O(6) thin films on silicon substrates with MgO or TiN buffer layers THIN SOLID FILMS 519,19 尹伊,傅兴海,叶辉 国外刊物 SCI收录
81 Group delay dispersion measurement of a dispersive mirror by spectral interferometry: comparison of different signal processing algorithms APPLIED OPTICS 50,9 罗震岳,张淑娜,沈伟东,夏梣,马群,刘旭,章岳光 国外刊物 SCI收录
82 Full-parallax three-dimensional display using new directional diffuser CHINESE OPTICS LETTERS 9,8 李帅,李海峰,郑臻荣,彭祎帆,Wang SC,刘旭 国内重要刊物 SCI收录
83 Freeform lens for off-axis illumination in optical lithography system OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS 284,12 吴仍茂,郑臻荣,李海峰,刘旭 国外刊物 SCI收录
84 Freeform lens arrays for off-axis illumination in an optical lithography system APPLIED OPTICS 50,5 吴仍茂,李海峰,郑臻荣,刘旭 国外刊物 SCI收录
85 Formation of sub-half-wavelength focal spot with ultra long depth of focus OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS 284,7 匡翠方,郝翔,刘旭,王婷婷,库玉龙 国外刊物 SCI收录
86 Fluorescence-surface enhanced Raman scattering co-functionalized gold nanorods as near-infrared probes for purely optical in vivo imaging BIOMATERIALS 32,6 钱骏,江黎,蔡芙鸿,王丹,何赛灵 国外刊物 SCI收录
87 Fast centroid algorithm for determining the surface plasmon resonance angle using the fixed-boundary method MEASUREMENT SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 22,2 詹舒越,王晓萍,刘玉玲 国外刊物 SCI收录
89 Electrothermal effects in high density through silicon via (TSV) arrays Progress in Electromagnetics Research 赵文生,王晓鹏,尹文言 国外刊物 SCI收录
90 Efficient parametric conversion from 1.06 to 3.8 mu m by an aperiodically poled cascaded lithium niobate OPTICS LETTERS 36,6 陈滔,吴波,刘伟,姜培培,孔剑,沈永行 国外刊物 SCI收录
91 Displacement measurement using phase-encoded target joint transform correlator OPTICAL ENGINEERING 50,50 葛鹏,李奇,冯华君,徐之海 国外刊物 SCI收录
92 Design of off-axis reflective projection lens using spherical Fresnel surface OPTIK 122,2 郑臻荣 国外刊物 SCI收录
93 Design and fabrication of Gires-Tournois interferometers for Yb-doped photonic crystal fiber laser system APPLIED PHYSICS B-LASERS AND OPTICS 105,2 马群,章岳光,谢辰,沈伟东,胡明列,宋有健,王清月,刘旭 国外刊物 SCI收录
94 Demodulation of a single-image interferogram using a Zernike-polynomial-based phase-fitting technique with a differential evolution algorithm OPTICS LETTERS 36,12 田超,杨甬英,韦涛,凌曈,卓永模 国外刊物 SCI收录
95 Deconvolution with fall-off compensated axial point spread function in spectral domain optical coherence tomography OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS 284,12 王凯,丁志华,陈明惠,王川,吴彤,孟婕 国外刊物 SCI收录
96 Constructing optical freeform surfaces using unit tangent vectors of feature data points JOURNAL OF THE OPTICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA A-OPTICS IMAGE SCIENCE AND VISION 28,9 吴仍茂,郑臻荣,李海峰,刘旭 国外刊物 SCI收录
97 Compact optical correlator based on one phase-only spatial light modulator OPTICS LETTERS 36,8 曾旭,白剑,侯昌伦,杨国光 国外刊物 SCI收录
98 Compact microfiber Bragg gratings with high-index contrast OPTICS LETTERS 36,16 刘艳鑫,孟超,张阿平,肖尧,虞华康,童利民 国外刊物 SCI收录
99 Choroidal laser Doppler flowmeter with enhanced sensitivity based on a scattering plate JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL OPTICS 16,4 王川,丁志华,Geiser Martial,吴彤,陈明惠 国外刊物 SCI收录
100 Characteristics of Nb-2 O-5 thin films deposited by ion beam sputtering ACTA PHYSICA SINICA 60,4 袁文佳,章岳光,沈伟东,马群,刘旭 国外刊物 SCI收录
101 Camera-based model to predict the total difference between effect coatings under directional illumination CHINESE OPTICS LETTERS 9,9 黄中宁,徐海松,M. R. Luo 国内重要刊物 SCI收录
102 Calibration of geometrical systematic error in high-precision spherical surface measurement OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS 284,16-17 王道档,杨甬英,陈琛,卓永模 国外刊物 SCI收录
103 Broad spectral response in composition-graded CdSSe single nanowires via waveguiding excitation APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 99,18 谷付星,虞华康,方伟,童利民 国外刊物 SCI收录
104 Average capacity of free-space optical systems for a partially coherent beam propagating through non-Kolmogorov turbulence OPTICS LETTERS 36,17 仓吉,刘旭 国外刊物 SCI收录
105 Analysis of black-grating-effect on the displacement measurement based on phase-coded target joint transform correlators OPTIK 122,22 葛鹏,李奇,冯华君,徐之海 国外刊物 SCI收录
106 An improved image deconvolution approach using local constraint Optics and Laser Technology 44,2 赵巨峰,冯华君,徐之海,李奇 国外刊物 SCI收录
107 A piecewise local regularized Richardson-Lucy algorithm for remote sensing image deconvolution OPTICS AND LASER TECHNOLOGY 43,5 董文德,冯华君,徐之海,李奇 国外刊物 SCI收录
108 A novel trilayer antireflection coating using dip-coating technique CHINESE OPTICS LETTERS 9,7 许坚,尹伊,马海敏,叶辉,刘旭 国内重要刊物 SCI收录
109 A new analytical edge spread function fitting model for modulation transfer function measurement CHINESE OPTICS LETTERS 9,3 李铁成,冯华君,徐之海 国内重要刊物 SCI收录
110 A method of color modulation based on porous alumina and atomic layer deposition ACTA PHYSICA SINICA 60,5 王旭龙琦,张冬仙,章海军 国外刊物 SCI收录
111 A Gires-Tournois mirror for dispersion compensation in the Ti-sapphire laser system ACTA PHYSICA SINICA 60,2 马 群,章岳光,沈伟东,罗震岳,Zhang Qing,张淑娜,Ye Peng,袁文佳,刘旭,Wei Zhi-Yi 国外刊物 SCI收录
112 400-Hz pulsed single-longitudinal-mode Nd:YAG laser with more than 100-mJ pulse energy and good beam quality LASER PHYSICS 21,1 童立新,赵智刚,崔玲玲,刘崇,陈军,高清松,唐淳 国外刊物 SCI收录